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"My father (1903-1989) was born in a small Western Slovakian town in the Nitra River region of what was then Czechoslovakia, the youngest of several generations of cantors.


Leo (Lavoslav) and Gus (Gustav) Goldberger are the sons of Eugene (Jenoe) and Helena (Ilona, nee. Berkovits Goldberger, who grew up in small towns in Czechoslovakia. They met in Vienna, where Eugene was studying music at the conservatory and attending cantorial school. 


Following their marriage, Jeno and Helen moved to Vukovar (Jugoslavka now Croatia), where he was offered a cantorial position. The oldest children, Milan) and Leo, were born there. In 1932 Eugene accepted a new position as chief cantor in Troppay (Opava, Czechoslovakia), where Gustav (Gus) was born two years later. Fearing the rising tide of Nazism. 


Eugene moved his family once again, this time to Denmark, where he assumed the position of chief cantor in the Great Synagogue of Copenhagen."


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Cantor Eugene Goldberger

All photos courtesy: Leo Goldberger

Cantor Eugene Goldberger in Copenhagen Synagogue. Courtesy: Leo Goldberger

Cantor Eugene Goldberger

courtesy Leo Goldberger





A Prayer (Yiddish)

by Cantor Eugene Goldberger ​

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